Whether you have worked with a personal trainer before or not, training with our fitness coaches will be unlike any experience you have ever had.

When training with one of our coaches, you can expect the best!

All of our coaches hold a four-year degree in kinesiology. Who would be better qualified in teaching you how to move than someone with a degree in the study of human movement? Our higher education standard elicits higher health/fitness results!

We are a personal training studio, but the training doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. An enormous part of working with a trainer is programming. What do you do when you are not with your personal trainer?

Every client/athlete is set up for success by receiving workouts to do based on your schedule and availability to reach your goals. After going through a thorough needs analysis, your fitness coach will develop a program just for you! Your fitness program will be continually updated based on your progress and needs as discussed with you and your coach. Everything is based on your goals and personal fitness level!

Attention to detail can be the difference between victory and injury.

With our fitness coaches’ strong backgrounds in kinesiology and the focus solely on you, we don’t miss a beat! Many people are injured by personal trainers who just don’t have the ability to see when things are going wrong. At this point, many people are taught that exercise isn’t for them due to injuries. Most injuries are completely avoidable, and that comes from knowledge, experience, and attention to detail!

Our personal training packages are formatted to fit your life and your schedule. We have packages that range from meeting twice a month to up to four times a week. Please contact us to learn more about our options as well as tips for your success!

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