4 More Reasons to Work Out That Aren’t About Weight Loss

Many people are unhappy with their body, particularly their weight. Much of their self-worth is contingent on the number on the scale, and when they go to the gym, it’s to punish themselves for not living up to unrealistic expectations. At Fit in New England, we would like to help you find the joy in exercise. Working out doesn’t have to be about reaching a certain pants size; in fact, focusing solely on weight loss to motivate you to work out is usually not enough to keep you coming back. There are so many great reasons to head to the gym, and they don’t have anything to do with your body mass. In our previous blog, we started going over the reasons why you should work out that have nothing to do with weight; below, we continue the list.

Get Stronger

As we age, we lose bone and muscle mass. When you use your muscles, you can slow down this loss. Strength training builds up your muscles, improving your ability to perform many basic, everyday movements, and reducing the chances of being injured as you age. Not only that, feeling your body become stronger is an empowering feeling. When you focus less on how much you weigh and more on how much weight you can lift, it’s amazing how much those gains can motivate you to keep coming back.

More Confidence

Many people think that losing weight will make them feel confident, but in reality, working out right now can give you greater self-esteem, even though you can’t instantly drop 20 pounds. Exercising is showing your body the respect it deserves. When you exercise, you have greater confidence in your abilities, and your mind is clearer, silencing the inner critic that puts you down at times. Being able to do something you may never have expected is a good confidence boost as well, so focusing in on your workout and kicking its butt may be what you need to feel better about your self-worth.

Boost Mood

When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which have natural mood-boosting properties. Exercise lifts you up and makes you think more positively. If you want to make the most out of your work out, gather with a group of friends and exercise together to enjoy the happiness that comes from both physical activity and social connection. Don’t have any fitness friends? Our group fitness classes offer a great opportunity to make workout buddies!

Enhance Immune System

If you tend to fall ill often, the solution to your woes may be exercise. Working out is key to keeping your body functioning optimally so that it can fight back against disease more easily. People with immunity issues are likely to benefit from incorporating a regular fitness routine in their lives.

At Fit in New England, regardless of your specific fitness goal, we want to get you there. From becoming stronger to improving sleep to simply be happier, we have helped people with a variety of motivations get where they need to go. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Medford, we would love to help. Contact us today to get started with a fitness coach!