The Holiday Season is upon us! This time of year, the weather gets colder and we start becoming less active. On top of this, Halloween Candy makes its way into the office, Spicy Pumpkin Latte’s make their way into our morning

routines, Thanksgiving Dinners are always amazing, and don’t forget the pies,Holiday cookies, and treats that fill our hands to tied us over before the egg-nog is ready. Another big family/friends dinner is in order, and then Let’s bring in the New Year with wine and champagne!!

Staying healthy through the holidays can be a challenging thing in New England.

If any of this rings a bell, then maybe you will consider joining us for our annual Holiday Challenge! Every member involved in Personal Training here at Fit In New England is learning how to achieve their goals. They are being taught how to manipulate different strength training phases, how to use steady state cardio vs. interval training, and, of course, being taught how to keep their nutrition in check!

Personal Training is always personal and your programming is made for you. But, while every member is working towards their specific goals in the way that best fits them, the one thing that we can all agree on is that this time of year is the most difficult time to stay on track! We have a Holiday Challenge that connects each member in the battle against putting on the unwanted

Holiday Pounds. For those who want to participate, we track any weight gain or loss after each holiday. The goal is to not gain any unwanted weight. For those who have weight loss as a goal will strive to lose weight during each stage and those who lose the most will be rewarded with prizes!

Last year, participants lost 32.608% of their body weight

We use percentages to represent the weight lost and last year the studio as a whole had the following results!

32.608% body weight was lost! Through the toughest time of year!

We are looking to make those numbers even better this year!

If you think this challenge might be something that will help motivate you, then be sure to contact us to set up your free Meet and Greet! Learn how your programming would work based on your needs! Hopefully after your Meet and Greet you will see that taking on this challenge will push you forward to success!

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