Small Group Classes Series

  • Ongoing classes, sign up anytime. 10 people per class. 50 minute classes
  • One class a week $25 per class. Two/Three classes a week $17 per class.
  • Participants choose the particular classes they want to join.

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(class times are subject to change)

3,2,1 Agility Monday 7:05 pm
Strength Endurance Class Monday 4:00 pm
High Volume/Agility Training (advanced only) Tuesday 6:00 am
Strength Class Tuesday 7:05 pm
Strength Class Wednesday 4:00 pm
Endurance Class Wednesday 7:05 pm
CORE DOWN Class Wednesday 7:05 pm
Strength Class Thursday 6:00 am
Strength Class Thursday 4:00 pm
CORE DOWN Class Thursday 7:05 pm
High Volume/Agility Class Saturday 9:00 am
Endurance Class Saturday 10:00 am
Strength Class Saturday 11:00 am

Endurance Class Description:

This Small Group Classes will have heavy focus on the athletic trait “ENDURANCE”. The training effect will be achieved through circuit training and heart rate focus. There will be six strength training stations followed by a 2min Heart Rate Drill with a Medicine Ball or Plyometric Box! The participants will rotate through all six stations, with the goal of peaking their heart rate over 85%. This pattern will be repeated 4x! Heart rate will be measured by each participant being given a heart rate monitor which will be worn on your wrist. Benefits are primarily Heart Rate conditioning/Cardiovascular Health, and High Caloric Expenditure.

Strength Class Description:

This Small Group Classes will have more focus on the athletic trait “Strength” as compared to our Endurance Class. The training effect will be achieved through more load being placed on isolated muscle groups. Each participant will execute 3-4 sets of a two-step station creating maximum overload on 2 movements before moving on to the next station. There will be 6 stations in the workout, one of which will be cardiovascular work on the Rower or Bike. Benefits of this class in comparison to the endurance class will be an increase in Base Metabolic Rate and Lean Muscle Mass.

Core Down Description:

This Small Group Classes will focus on Core and Lower Body. This class is you against your body, no weights! The design is with exercises compounding on one another till the last round where you will be moving non-stop through 15 exercises or more!

3,2,1 Agility Description:

This Small Group Classes will focus on balance, stability, and agility. Through the use of Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and Sand Bags your body will be challenged to maintain proper form! While this is not a targeted heart rate class, you will be performing many repetitions and multiple exercises in a row to obtain fatigue!

High Volume/Agility Training (advanced only)

This Small Group Classes will focus on High Impacts, High Volume, and Agility. This class uses Penalty Box Agility 4 squares to perform different agility movements with a high workload and minimal rest. This class involves a high amount of impacts, some of which include jumping over hurdles. Due to this aspect of the class participants must be able to jump and land efficiently and without risk of injury. This class is for advanced participants only due to the risk of injury. Benefits of this class are increased cardiovascular capacity and proprioception.

 Class Breakdown

Dynamic Warm-Up: 5-8min
Work: 35-40min
Cool Down/Flexibility: 5-8min

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