1. 5 Nutrients for Muscle Tone

    You’ve been counting calories and hitting the gym daily, but you’re just not seeing the results that you want. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to keep calories in mind—you need to be consuming fewer than what you burn. That being said, calories aren’t the only dietary fact…Read More

  2. How to Measure Exercise Intensity

    Exercise intensity is a factor that many people overlook, but this information can help you strategize your workout to get better results. To maximize your workout, you want to make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard or too little. In this blog, we will go over what exercise intensity is an…Read More

  3. The Biggest Misconceptions About Personal Training

    Most people who have tried personal training can probably agree that they got something positive out of the experience. Personal training is an amazing way to boost your workout, have some accountability, and improve your form, but there are some who have incorrect views about personal training. It…Read More

  4. How to Beat Workout Boredom

    You decided to get back in the gym, and have done a good job of sticking to a consistent schedule. You are finally seeing results, which is enough to get you back in the gym day after day, but you are starting to have a hard time getting excited about your workouts like you used to. When you first s…Read More

  5. When is the Best Time to Workout?

    When you want to maximize the benefits of your workout, you may want to consider timing. For some people, waking up first thing, throwing on some tennis shoes, and going on a run is a routine they have been able to maintain and come to enjoy. For many, waking up early sounds like their personal nigh…Read More

  6. 5 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    You have a vision of the person you want to be. This person is strong, healthy, and powerful. You may want to put on more muscle mass, or shed some fat. Maybe you have been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight and become more active for the sake of your health. Regardless of your motivat…Read More