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    Crushing Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season

    Almost all of us have had some type of fitness goal as our New Year’s resolution at one time or another. Whether that goal be to shed a few extra pounds or to gain more muscle mass, January tends to be that time where we kickstart that goal. Many of us tend to set these goals for ourselves due to …Read More

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    Why We Gain Weight As We Age

    Weight gain is inevitable, especially as we get older. It’s not uncommon or unhealthy for us to gain some weight. In fact, as you develop and grow, your body needs that extra weight to be healthy. However, too much weight gain can be harmful to your body, especially as we get older.    Accor…Read More

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    Why The Scale Isn’t Everything

    While not all of us venture into the fitness world for weight loss, a large portion of us do. For anyone who has tried to lose weight, it may seem as if you need to intensely track the numbers on the scale. It can also be extremely disappointing when you’re motivated, crushing your goals, getting …Read More

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    Why You’re Not Shedding The Weight Like You Want To

    Many of us enter into the fitness world because we want to lose weight. We’ve all been there before; you’ve been busting your butt in the gym and trying to eat healthily but you’re still not seeing the results that you want. It’s frustrating to not be seeing the results that you want, especi…Read More

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    Essential Things You Should Do After Every Workout

    Fueling your body properly after a workout is just as important as the actual workout itself. Post-workout recovery is essential, but it tends to get overlooked. Whenever we finish a workout, no matter how great it was, we often finish our last set, head to the locker room, and grab our things and h…Read More

  6. Top Super-foods for Summer

    With warm weather approaching, the time for pool parties and summer barbecues is upon us. Summer is an interesting time because there is so much emphasis on food-related events, but it’s also a time where people are wanting to look their best. It’s easy to lose track of all the progress and moti…Read More

  7. The Importance of Cheat Meals

    Before we get started, let’s stop calling them cheat meals. The word cheat has a negative connotation that can make you think you’re doing something bad: the word can make you feel guilty and ashamed. Instead, completely erase that mentality right now. We’re going to call them “treat meals…Read More

  8. How to Combat Stress

    Whether it’s from your job, your relationships, your finances, or your health, we all experience stress from time to time. In fact, 79 percent of American adults report feeling stressed every day. While stress is a normal part of life, too much stress can lead to a variety of physical and mental h…Read More

  9. Meal Prep Tips for a Healthier You

    It’s not easy to make healthy food choices all the time. Life gets busy, and when you have a stressful day, stopping at the drive-thru on the way home sounds much better than spending the evening cooking. This is where meal prep comes in to save the day. Benefits of Meal Prepping Save Time How muc…Read More

  10. Tips for Being Consistent With Your Workouts

    Many people spend months working out without seeing the results they crave. This disappointment often leads them to give up on their fitness goals entirely. This is unfortunate because the missing ingredient to their success is often simple: consistency. If you’re going to make any progress, it’…Read More