When you do core exercises, you might be focused on the six-pack you want to cultivate, but there are many greater benefits to a strong core. Your core muscles are essentially the central link that connects your upper body and lower body. Your core is involved in far more of your day-to-day life than you realize, and strengthening your core offers a host of benefits.

Why Your Core Matters

Regardless of the action you do, your core plays a role. From kicking a soccer ball to putting something on a high shelf, sweeping the floor to getting up off the couch, you are using your core. Because all motion passes through your core, if it is weak or inflexible, your upper and lower body cannot function as well, taking away the power from your whole muscular system. When your core is strong, however, you are stronger all around. In addition, when your core is strong, your balance and flexibility are better.

What You Use Your Core For

Everyday Movements

There is a good chance you are doing something that requires your core right now. Everything from bending to touch your toes, sitting, and even standing still involves your core. In fact, even as you bathe and get dressed for the day, you are using your core. The strength of your core impacts everything you do.

At Work

Regardless of whether you are sitting at a desk all day or working on a construction site, your job requires your core. When you are standing, lifting, or twisting all day for your job, the use of your core is obvious, but even office workers are constantly engaging their cores. Using the computer, making phone calls, and filing can make your back quite sore, especially if you don’t have good posture.

Back Pain

Lower back pain is incredibly common in the U.S., impacting roughly four out of five people in their lifetimes. A strong core can go a long way towards reducing back pain. When you have a resilient, well-balanced core, you are less likely to develop back pain. Doctors often prescribe a core exercise regimen to patients who suffer back pain.


Whether your athletic activity of choice is biking, running, tennis, swimming, baseball, volleyball, rowing, or any number of sports, power comes from a strong core. If you are an athlete, it’s imperative that you prioritize core strength.


Housework of all kinds requires the core. If you are lifting, bending, carrying, or twisting at all, your core is engaged. That means when you vacuum, dust, or mop your home, you are using your core muscles.


The core serves as the stabilizing force in your body, working to keep you balanced throughout the day. A strong core can help prevent falls, which is why they often advise seniors to strengthen their cores.


Are you slouching right now? Chances are, you just sat up straight as you read that, thanks to your core. If your core is weak, you have a harder time standing up straight. Good posture protects you from back pain, eases the tension on your spine, and allows you to breathe more deeply, so it is in your best interest to improve your posture by strengthening your core.

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