So you’re finally taking the plunge and starting a workout routine. Great! Committing to fitness is a worthwhile endeavor that will pay off in a number of ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That being said, you want to make sure you start off on the right foot. It’s typical for beginners to be gung-ho about their workout initially, jump in without thinking, and then end up injured, burned out, or disheartened before they even really begin. At Fit in New England, many of our members are brand new to working out and feel intimidated by the prospect of coming to our workout classes, but once they have our support, it’s a lot easier. Benefit from our years of trial and error by checking out these workout tips for beginners below.

Make it a Habit

So you’ve come into our gym in Medford and had a great workout. You’re on top of the world and feel like a fitness guru. That’s a great feeling, but one good workout isn’t going to make you fit. The difference between people who reach their fitness goals and those who don’t is consistency. We may have kicked your butt during your workout class, but if you then skip the gym for two weeks, you aren’t making progress. Schedule out at least three workouts a week for the next month, and make sure you attend every single one. By the time four weeks has flown by, working out is enough of a habit that you will continue the pattern.

Learn Proper Form

The number-one most common mistake by beginners is improper form. This is usually due to using too much weight before you are ready. Sure, you want to make gains as quickly as you can, but lifting too heavy of a weight before you have built up your muscles is only going to cause injury. It’s important that your lifting efforts are focused on using the actual muscle to move the weight, not momentum. There is a degree of strategy to lifting that beginners need to fully understand before they start lifting. At Fit in New England, any one of our skilled personal trainers would be happy to help you master your form.

Ask Questions

Speaking of our trainers, keep in mind that they are here to be a resource for you. Many beginners make the mistake of not asking questions when they aren’t sure how to perform a certain exercise. They are afraid of revealing their “newbie” status and are intimidated by the other gym-goers. Don’t fear judgment—everyone starts off somewhere, and any veteran gym rat was once a beginner as well. Don’t be afraid to ask when you don’t understand something.

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

Many beginners become frustrated when they don’t immediately start shedding weight. While a fitness routine will help change your body composition over time, the importance of your diet cannot be overemphasized. What you do outside the gym has just as much of an impact as what you do when you’re working out. Intimidated by the prospect of the word “diet”? Keep it simple: start by cutting out processed foods and focusing on lean protein and veggies.

At Fit in New England, we’d love to get you started on a fitness routine. Contact us today for workout classes in Medford!