If you’ve ever lifted weights, then you are familiar with the importance of having good form. Unless you were literally born in a gym, you’ve experienced being the newbie to the lifting community and have had to learn the safe ways to lift. Good form can increase your results, help you avoid gym injuries, and keep you from being constantly corrected by the serious lifters who are working out beside you.

Preventing Injury

Perhaps the single most important reason to use proper form when working out is to avoid serious injuries such as sprains, tears, and dislocations. If you’ve dealt with an injury of this nature that occurred during a workout, then I’m sure that you can recall the frustrations. Injuries can often result in months away from the gym, the need for a brace or cast, surgery, or in some cases, all three. Often, good form tends to go out the window when a lifter is going too fast or lifting more weight than he or she is safely able.

Substituting good form for the sake of speed or heavier lifting is never worth the risk of injury. Since most people who lift poorly don’t know that they’re doing it, a good way to ensure one is lifting properly is to either lift with a friend who is a regular or long-time lifter and to always use a mirror to keep an eye on form.

Isolating the Right Muscle Group

Lifting with bad form is shortchanging you on your workout. Each movement that you make when lifting is designed to target a specific muscle or muscle group. If your form is incorrect, you may not be working the muscles that you want to work. A good way to gauge whether or not you are targeting the correct muscle groups is to pay attention to your muscle soreness in the days following an intense workout. If you don’t feel any soreness in the muscles you worked, or if the soreness that you feel is in a different muscle group completely, there is a chance that you didn’t isolate the right area.

Keeping Your Pride Intact

Perhaps this is the least important reason to have good form, but as there are those of us who hate being corrected in our local gyms, who could forget this one? If you take a lot of pride in the many hours that you’ve put into working out, then you might relate. Of course, we know it’s just someone trying to help us and we don’t want an injury and knowledge is power and stuff… It’s just not our favorite. That being said, if you can swallow your pride, there is great value to listening to what the pros have to say.

In some way or another, you’ve probably had to learn the importance of maintaining good form when lifting, and if you haven’t, there’s never been a better time to learn. It is vital that you do whatever you have to do to ensure that you’re lifting properly so that you know what you’re doing, you get the most out of your workout, and you avoid getting an injury.

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