At Fit in New England, our members have big dreams. We love watching you make lofty goals and strive everyday to accomplish them. That being said, not all goals are created equal. That’s not to say you cannot lose 100 pounds—if that is what you need to do for your health, we are more than happy to help. But simply deciding you are going to do it without breaking it down into actionable steps is a mistake, as is saying that you are going to do it in six months. When you are making goals, it’s important that they are realistic and attainable. If you don’t make goals that you can truly accomplish, you lack direction and focus. You need to go about this process in a thoughtful way. In this blog, we will go over the best way to set realistic goals.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goal setting is a concept that was introduced by Peter Drucker in “The Practice of Management” and has been widely adopted as the best strategy for making achievable goals. This acronym stands for:


Your goal needs to be well-defined. You don’t want to be too vague or general because it won’t give you direction. Your goals need to serve to guide your behavior, and something too loose isn’t going to do that. It’s the difference between “I’m going to lose weight” and “I’m going to lose 20 pounds.”


If you can’t measure your goal, how are you going to know when you’ve accomplished it? You might want to become stronger, but how do you know when you’ve succeeded? Make sure to include a measure by which you can judge that you have accomplished your goal. For example, you could say you will be able to deadlift 100 pounds as a measure of strength.


The goals you set need to be ones you actually can achieve. You might want an hourglass figure, for example, but natural body composition has a huge impact on how accomplishable this goal truly is. To set a goal you can’t actually achieve just serves to dishearten you.

On the flip side, don’t use this as permission to set easy goals. Accomplishing a goal that doesn’t require hard work won’t fill you with that sense of achievement that a challenging goal. The key is to find the right balance, something that will make you work hard while not being so difficult that you won’t want to even try.


Your goals should be in line with what you ultimately want out of life. They need to be relevant to your overall values and desired life direction. Otherwise, they are only wasting your time and distracting from the things you truly want to accomplish out of life. Make sure your goals are relevant.

Time Bound

It’s also important to have a deadline. This adds a sense of urgency to your progress, which serves to motivate you further. Additionally, this makes your goal more specific and measurable—now you know when to celebrate your success!

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